The girls are finally having their turn! Dr.Bridgeman and Serge Nicholson from hotpencil press curate Naked Girls Reading for Naked Boys Reading

hotpencil are renowned for creating transgressive readings in unusual settings. They have made two collections of verbatim stories exploring the trans masculine in The (Trans) Mangina monologues and female masculinity in The Butch Monologues.

Tonight Dr.B and Serge select uncompromising work for our 5 readers. Where else in London can you hear in one evening the following post-gender texts with a twist:

A Pop Goddess' Confession. A Bad Sex Instruction Manual. Non-Swearing Spoken Word. The first TV Celebrity Chef's Uncanny Creations. 1950's BDSM Erotica.

The girls: Lucy Hutson Jamila Johnson-Small Gia Mitchell Bica Getshervagoutovic The Masked Reader

With: Dr Sharon Husbands, Hostess Casio Jo, Queen of the Decks

£5 advance, £7 on the door BOOK TICKETS