OTHER is an Independent DIY Gallery founded to support a free radical creative community.Long Description What OTHER does

OTHER inverts the traditional concept of a gallery and instead uses the structure of an independent record label. OTHER pays for an artist’s prints to be made, OTHER market’s/promotes the artist and their work and then sells their work for them, leaving the artist free to just create. The artists takes on no risk and it is OTHER’s responsibility to sell the artist’s work. OTHER splits any profits fairly with the artists, giving the artist a better deal than any other gallery can. OTHER is an events based collective and this is central to OTHER’s commitment to stimulating a free radical community as well as to bring art back to the public in a re-energised way. Mission OTHER is an independent D.I.Y gallery intent on providing a platform and space for young artists to create, market and release their work. OTHER is dedicated to supporting a free radical artistic community in real life, not online, that aims to break away from the hegemony and dogma of elitist galleries that have stifled and repressed artistic freedom. OTHER intends to bring artists, of all different mediums, in dialogue and support of each other in order to end the segregation of the arts. It is OTHER’s desire to bring art back to the public and out of its privatised prisons. Soon Many Shall Know. Email info@othergallery.co.uk Website http://www.othergallery.co.ukOther_window