PEACOX are your arrogant, colourful friends! They strut and wriggle and prance and don’t give a fuck who’s watching. Probably everyone. Everyone’s watching.

They indulge themselves because they can and they should.

So come strut and wriggle and prance with us at PEACOX from 8pm-1am.

We will be playing music by fellow peacox Kanye, Riri, Queen Bey, Biggie, and everyone from 90s/00s when peacox were rife and stalked the planes of Earth like the tastemakers that they were.

£5 on the door but £3 if you bring a paper cutout of your own face (look @ cover photo for inspo) and we’ll make you into beautiful elegant peacox adorning the wall.

We recommend bright colours and as much glitter n feathers as you can stick to your person. Bring mates and mentors and lovers and erstwhile lovers and archenemies and acquaintances and strangers.

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