❋ PLUSH ❋ is a new deluxe domain of artists administered by Robert Fox & Jenkin Van Zyl. A fluid round-table of self-bestowed royalty all with individual formulas & commandments in relation to the worlds and language that they create within their work. A lavish, accessible kingdom of artwork, sensibilities and sass with limit-less grounds in-which to exhibit, document and divulge such splendour. We aspire to create an interchangeable artistic network of self proclaimed Kings and (obviously) Queens and most importantly regard the innate notion..
at all times..
despite the occasionally barren nature of our world..
of embodying…
and feeling….

To launch this project, for one exclusive evening screening we are transforming Vogue fabrics into our paradise of pink pleasure and presenting a banquet of short films (with a side dish of one or two live performances) in this Parlour of Plush - a makeshift lair of opulence and overindulgence ready for you to dine and digest our delicious buffet of film.


Jenkin Van Zyl
Robert Fox
Angel Rose
Josh Quinton
Paul Kindersley
Sancho Hemelsoen
Ayesha Tan Jones
Minnie Kate Cassey
Elle Hardwick
Mark Lewis

After the feast of films Josh Quinton & Andy Bradin (DISCOSMACK) will be serenading the parlour with their Dj-ing delight for an after-banquet soirre