Graeme Gerard Halliday AKA Hallidonto, is a Scottish artist. From Dundee on the east coast of Scotland, working in London, his work has a eclectic mixture of applications: Drawing,sculpture,conceptual (books), installation,Performance, collaborations with other artist, writers. Graduated From Duncan Of Jordanstone College Art Dundee. A child of the eighties is the prototype for the New Flesh. They are the children of the digital age, children of the first generation cyborg. The body had transformed. Post-modernism had introduced a new era in art. Computers, television, cartoons and comics became my and my realm to explore and inhabit. I was drowned in images of cyborgs, super heroes and machines in the land of the hyper real. The cyborg became my own, I identified with the concept of such a being and has become the essence of my work to date.