This Thursday 11 May, we have the Damsel Zine collective taking over the basement with the launch party of their first ZINE! Exuding high-energy, gal-first vibes aplenty, we caught up with them to find out a bit more about their crew and the new zine in town...
Q: This is your first edition of Damsel, what inspired you to make your own zine?
A: We are very inspired by kids magazines such as Girl Talk and Shout, they are full of exciting and fun pages and I guess I just wanted to create a zine that celebrates fabulous things!

Q: There’s a great, extensive DIY scene in London, can you recommend any other creators / collectives whose work you’d recommend?
A: I am a really big fan of Sister magazine and also Polyester zine, both of these publications are ran by fabulous ladies in London. I am also a big fan of WAH nails, all the WAH girls are very talented nail artists and I'm so happy to have Kayleigh Jean from WAH featured in the first issue.
Q: What can people expect from launch party?
A: The sparkliest, sassiest, most fabulous night. Karaoke followed by a few of London's up and coming DJs. We also have 50 goodie bags for our first lot of guests, full of lots of Damsel surprises!

Q: What’s your music policy - we’ve stumbled across a #160 mix on soundcloud…
A: Anything goes! Whatever makes you feel fabulous when you're dancing. The music at the launch will consist of a mix of girly classics, speedy cheese and hyperactive dance music, like you can hear in the Soundcloud mix!

Q: 3 reasons why we should buy Damsel Zine:
1. There are 18 fabulous artists featured
2. To be a part of our first ever issue
3. So we can start cracking on with issue 2!!!