We caught up with Sister Magazine's editor, Beccy Hill, for the lowdown on their forthcoming party to celebrate the release of their Size issue.
Q: You gave birth to Sister whilst at university, can you tell us about its genesis? 
A: I studied Fashion Journalism at university, and for our final major project we had to create a magazine of our own. Sister was born and I ended up pouring blood sweat and tears into it, for it to get the lowest grade I'd ever received in my time there.
Q: Skin and Blister, your little sister publication, was launched at the Feminist Library which recently had to fight to remain open. Were you active in their recent campaign against closure?   
A: We have a whole article about the fight to keep the Feminist Library in the new issue. It's something that's very close to my heart as I've been going to the library for years, and they've always supported everything that we have done. It absolutely has to be saved.
Q: You're working at the intersection of fashion, women's issues and the DIY scene. Who were your influences?     
A: I became obsessed with Butt magazine whilst I was at university. It was my biggest influence; the layout, the typography, and of the course the content. I wanted to create something which was slightly more accessible for a younger and female audience. It still inspires me now, I constantly reference it.
Q: You'll be launching your next edition, The Size issue, here at VFD on Sept 17th. What can readers expect from your latest instalment? 
A: This is our biggest issue yet, which is apt considering the theme. Expect behind the scenes madness from the girls at Sink The Pink, an exclusive shoot and interview with tattooist and internet sensation Grace Neutral, plenty of heartfelt opinion pieces and some Theresa May bashing.
Q: Without blowing any surprises, what can we expect at the event? 
A: Angel Rose is bringing her Cool Universe to the basement - what more do you need to know?
Sister Magazine: The Size Issue: Launch Party
Sat 17 September @ VFD
7pm - late