naff_athina and AmateurBoyz kick off Queers in Crisis this Friday with everything you love about the Greeks. QIC organiser Brian Lobel had a chat with naff_athina collaborator Danai about the idea behind the project and what you can expect this Friday, the 28th September. Tell us Londoners what a usual naff_athina event is like?

naff_athina is an art project. we organise exhibitions, lectures and parties based on the idea of androphilia. Usually it is a one week thing. We invite some artist whose work is all about the male figure. We choose some of his work, get him to bring it to Athens himself, where we accommodate him, then we get to know him and take him around the city. We do an exhibition of the pieces in a strange location like a garage or a poolroom and then we party party party.

How has the economic crisis affected your events (this could be in both small and big ways)?

naff_athina is an art guerilla project that has been running in Athens for the last year. This means that it was actually born and developed during the crisis, which affected its identity. naff_athina is about organising exhibitions, lectures and parties based on the idea of androphilia. As a guerilla project the exhibition locations vary from billiards rooms to garage spaces and ex cafe bars,  for which hiring costs are  really low. What we offer to participating artists is the chance to showcase their work in Athens, airplane tickets and Greek hospitality -whatever that means. The truth is that the crisis has been proved useful for naff_athina projects. People tend to be more open to new ideas and collaborations and have moved to a more friendly basis.

What can Londoner party goers learn from the Greeks?

London party goers will learn from us how to fall in love. How to fall in love with music, with life, with girls and boys, with drinks and dance. An Athenian party, it is a romance. A love affair, words can’t explain.

VogueFabricsDalston is a very special place with a very unique community identity – how would you characterise your usual community  -  and is it welcoming to outsiders?

Our community is easy like a Sunday afternoon. It’s that afternoon, in summer time, after you’ve been kissed by the sun when you relax in a terrace enjoying a cocktail and contemplating on the view. Our small company on the terrace is open to any outsider. Put on some airy garments, order a drink, lay your body down and you’re one of us.

How did naff_athina come to be?  And how did you start a relationship with AmateurBoyz?

naff_athina was a Vassileios idea, that he shared with 3 friends a hot and sweaty afternoon in July 2011 in Athens, a few days before going on summer vacations. naff_athina kicked off September 2011 with a big party, in collaboration with Amateurboyz. Amateur Boyz were always close friends and naff_athina supporters.