Back at the end of September we hosted a pan-European weekend of parties curated by Brian Lobel. The series hosted queer parties from struggling countries in the Eurozone was to show solidarity with club owners, DJs, artists, escorts, alcoholics, clubkids, pornstars, runaways, faggots, dykes, the down-on-their-luck and places that love them. Naff Athina from Athens and Add-Wood from Lisbon's Purex Clube came over to London to showcase their exciting alternative art and performance parties, still going strong despite the financial situation in their home countries. On each night Lyall Hakaraia of Vogue Fabrics had a conversation with the people behind these parties on how the crisis has affected them.

A big thanks to Sharna Osborne for filming.

QUEER IN CRISIS / ATHENS / VOGUE FABRICS from Sharna Osborne on Vimeo.

QUEER IN CRISIS / LISBON / VOGUE FABRICS from Sharna Osborne on Vimeo.