As a warm up to our friday the 13th party, we have something really special for you as Rad Festa brings you their first ever film night for a very special film. Dzi Croquettes follows the raise and fall of the incredibly over talented troop of queer performers from Brazil .They used their art as a political weapon against the oppressive dictatorship regime of the 70's. With their biting wit , perfect choreography and representation of gender in all its forms they of course became a cult hit over night. Their path eventually leads them to Paris and international super stardom and destiny .....

This film is a must watch for anyone one who is interested in performance history , queer history and theatre history.

What could be better than spending a Thursday night indulging in a piece of fabulous history darling.

And we are extremely excited as Lavinia Co op will be gracing us with her presence!!!!!

Also RAD FESTA’s very own Kevin Le Grand will be performing!!

And a fabulous little disco with Alexandre Simões!!

Plan for the evening: 7.30PM Doors open 8.00PM Documentary


Check out the trailer