B.S.S.M (Blood. Sugar. Sex. Magic) brings you some of the best new sounds, plus nostalgia & memories, please find below a comprehensive list of some of the memories we hope to bring you: *Crying to Mr Brightside at your student union. *The days of smoking indoors at an Artic Monkeys gig. *Wearing Bolt trousers and listening to System of a Down in your local park with a can of Red Stripe. *Sticking to the floor of the Astoria watching new emo bands such as Panic at the Disco & Fall Out Boy. *At any given moment that Kate Bush comes on feeling the need to dance like your in the Wuthering Heights music video. *Wearing eyeliner so that you are as cool as Brian Molko.

These are just a few examples...


What is B.S.S.M?

It's simple, from the team that brought you award-winning night, Chick Habit, this is an indie, rock, emo and old school night for the LGBT community and every other single letter - so basically, in short, everyone.



Absolutely. The indie and dirtier, the better.


DJs & guests:

DJ AMYb & Ruby Wednesday. Some beautiful faces will be gracing our party too ;)


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Click here for early bird tickets - just £3, they will be £5 on the door and online once the early birds run out