Shellac Discotec is the brand ~*schpanking*~ new party on the block celebrating the diverse talents of our favourite local laydieez She’s a queer little party for the nancy boys, the butch queens, the femme hussys ~ the sisters unabashedly doing it for themselves

Shellac Discotec is for the gals with freshly shellacked talons, nervously bitten tallons, and DIY sparkly tallons.

All welcome ~ big looks applauded!

✿ gurlz on the dex ✿

E L L E S (Legendary Children)

D A N C E A R M S T R O N G (Disco Spritz)

C H A K A K H A N ‘ T (2gurlz1cub)

✿ capri sun tropicana disco beatz ✿ freaky lil groove tunes ✿ all round pumpy vibes ✿

Host ✿ Victoria Sin ✿

Art Installation ✿ Ella Lynch ✿

£3 before 11 / £5 after


Event Page here