Are you fed up with clubs hiring twelve year old hipsters with as much musical knowledge as a 'Now that's what I call music' box set? Are you fed up with hearing 'ironic eighties' and shit R&B, all 'mashed up' with some Nirvana? Do you want to hear some proper DJs play some proper music that they haven't 'curated' or shazaamed off a car advert on the telly? Fancy hearing some tunes that have been painstakingly and lovingly searched out to share with you through the sheer love of it?

Come to "strut the dancefloor "at VogueFabricsDalston on 20th of June and dance your ass off with us to proper dirty electro in a sweaty little basement.

No requests, no R&B, no Shakira. Dress to sweat.

Your deejays Lee Richez Westlake Johanna P