If you thought the only Valentine's options are to either be in a relationship or single and sad then think again! SUNDAY~FUNDAY are here to hi-jack this normative, Clinton Cards-fest and to reclaim it with colourful, queer expression and love love love!


The first outing in 2017 for the SUNDAY~FUNDAY gang, there'll be enough love to blow the lid off VFD!


Let's be romantic OUR WAY by loving whoever we want! Let's love our friends, let's love strangers, let's love our differences and what bring us together! A passionate playlist of love-songs, diva-anthems and hi-energy bangers! A late~night~drag~show all about OTHER LOVERS and games to steal or break your heart!!!

So tell all your lovers, brothers, sisters and others that our door is open to everyone!!!

•Doors open at 7pm• • £5 all night•