Come and party in our totes-emoji underworld! Use the powerful protection of the emoji, hide behind their ambiguity and join our carnival of pictographs!

SUNDAY~FUNDAY's matron of F.U.N Maxi More has had a busy festive season and would like to officially reclaim F.U.N as sovereign to individuality, expression and universal love. For all those who survived the throw-up sick vomit that was ALL CHRISTMASSES, especially that last one, we present to you a new festivity, to celebrate the return of the real icon. Cast out the codefied pictures that we are force-fed yearly! We are the children of a bright new future built by breaded prawns, white flowers, smiling poos and of course, dancing ladies.

VFD will be transformed into a nostalgic poptastic pocket of pictures for one night only. Express yourself with the chance to dress as your favourite emoji and win the best costume award and take home the coveted GOLDEN TEARS OF JOY EMOJI! You may prefer to come as a inbred mutant of several emojis, or become your own emoji entirely??? Challenge your knowledge of our generation's newest visual culture with games and interactive presentations. Peek into the totes-emoji future with performances from, about, and for, emojis. Get totes-emoli'd permenantly(ish) by our own emoji-tattoist! Drink from our totes-emoji cocktail menu. Use our totes-emoji toilets. Basically have a totes-emoji time.

Entry is £5 all night baby.

Expect performances, lurking drag queens, games, drinks and the best dancable pop centric, whacky, tacky, sassy, dance like Shirley Bassey, feel good vibes music!

Reigning DJ Royalty Tete Bang and Slim Chance will be in charge of your music-mojis all night, and Maxi will be joined by a whole keyboard of emoji friends to enchant and delight with shows, shows, shows!!!