ZOMBIE///GRAVE-YARD///MERMAID///BARBIE *edition* stand facing a dark stairwell. down, deep below the ground you hear the pulse of the undead, growing stronger as you approach. the darkness climbs inside you filling you with a primal fear, electrifying your blood and pricking your innermost urges. "I need to meet these beasts, I need to enter their realm". as if under a malignant curse, you feel your feet writhing towards the now deafening clatter of panting muzzles and scratching nails at the ceilings and walls. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine... steps and then........................................


After the success (explosion of ridiculousness) that was the premiere edition of SUNDAY~FUNDAY back in August, Maxi More and her friends are back to do what we do best, and that's to throw a great big stinking party on a Sunday! After a weekend of terror, tricker' treatin' and no doubt a healthy dose of hilarious fancy-dressed house parties, we are blowing our load to bring you the ultimate rave in a graveyard!

We're scraping the apple-bobbing barrel, and giving all the ghouls and creeps one last chance to get their freak on. Come and boogie with the undead, the sickening and the gag-worthy, as we officially dance halloween to death!

//////////// DISCO BLOODBATH ////////////

Allow the Malificent of pop-music TeTe Bang to conjure a spell of the most nostalgic scary-pop, while you dance away your demons. Stare in disbelief as Joey A. Frenette-Wood AKA Bourgeoisie performs unimaginable acts of gruesom terror. Fall prey to Alexander Hall AKA Slim Chance's intoxicating musical control as he leads you on a sonic journey to your own mental unraveling. Will our souls be saved on this sacred day by the mother of all that is Holy (Andrew Walter Burt)? Or maybe our souls mean nothing in this digital age, and even the Virgin Mary herself cannot stand up to a robotic force unlike anything humanity has witnessed? Like a dated slasher film, there is peril around every corner, especially with Eleanor Jean AKA john smith lurking around, and our feeble protagonist (that's YOU!) is the only one who can save the day! Destiny is knocking, and even if that destiny is a giant bearded drag-clown, only you can decide what to do....(personally I strongly suggest you come, dance, drink, laugh, scream and have a jolly good SUNDAY~FUNDAY!)



Dresscode: ZombieGraveYardMermaidBarbieRealness/UndeadDragQueen/SerialKillerDragKing/DeamonHeadmaster/RoundTheTwist/Goosebumps/TwoDayOldHalloweenCostumes/ThreeDayOldHalloweenCostumes/CutyPiePageantPrincesses/BuffyAndAngel/BinBagCoture/

Zombies receive a £1 discount. Zombification supplies provided on the door.

*Party from 10:00pm until... Past Your Bedtime! **spooky drinks specials TBA ++SUNDAY~FUNDAY means we are aiming to have fun and fun will be had. All bad attitudes to be exorcised prior to arriving at the party. (Party poopers will be pooped on by Bourgeoisie, and that is not a hollow promise) :)

**+@@~Please click attend on the event and tell all your friends, family, work colleagues, everyone you see on public transport, general passers by, and any famous acquaintances. Evil shall be vanquished and LOLS will be had by all!!!!!