This one is for all you hardcore fright~fans and AAAARRGGHHHH-addicts! SUNDAY~FUNDAY are bringing you an authentic haunted-horror-house experience as we turn VFD into a spooky-dungeon, complete with horrific surprises that'll make you scream!! As well as serving the ultimate spooky music to make your blood-boil and bones rattle, we've invited some truly terrifying creatures to tease, trick and treat you in our legendary late~night~drag~show!!!

Dress code is awful trick or treat costumes, fake blood, missing limbs, undead politicians and celebrities, more fake blood!

£5 on the door. First 20 victims, oh I mean guests, through the door get a special party treat!!!

Mwa ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa (lightning, thunder) !!!!!!!

Jake: Why couldn’t the ghost see its mom and dad? Philip: I don’t know. Jake: Because they were trans-parents