We keep the party going for all those in town after Christmas, come and enjoy the leftovers. 9pm-1am.


Christmas is shit and we're all used to it by now. Escape the blues and come and party with Maxi More and her Fun-enabled Friends. Games, Drinks Specials, Dancing, Drag Show, DJs, Banter with Friends, Party Party Party.

Fancy dress theme: LEFTOVERS

Door £5


It's dark outside. It's cold and probably wet. We've been here before, but this year feels worse than ever. One cannot overlook the bright, gawdy displays, the desperate attention grabbing pleas, the special offers, the c-list celebrity appearances, the annual unpacking of chart topping festive-vomit, the tinsel-clad imposters that sit in your living rooms and shopping malls. The "Ho Ho Ho" the "Oh, it's just what I wanted"

It Was Christmas

Understandably without this giant, coca-cola sponsored holiday the British winter would be excruciatingly long, wet and cold with little respite. However, each year we're subject to an enormous onslaught of manipulative media and propaganda all aimed at our hearts and consiences. And before you know it, the crackers have all cracked, the wrappings have unwrapped and it's over.

WELL,.....In true SUNDAY~FUNDAY style we are here to reclaim this holiday, to build new rituals and celebrations that outshine the aggressive formulas of old. For it is not what we give or receive this year that's's what we have LEFTOVER!

On the 27th of December, the legendary grotto that is Vogue Fabrics Dalston will undergo a drastic transformation. We at SUNDAY~FUNDAY HQ will fascillitate a space suitable to recieve the leftovers of the season. The crinkled wrappings, the soggy sprouts, the snoozing nannas, the old slippers and novelty socks, the eastenders omnibusses, the tree-needles, the broken ball balls, Christ's after-birth even!


This is not a Christmas party! We're simply taking the leftovers and building something new. And from these ruins and detritis, we shall form a new breed of celebration. And it will be F.U.N!

So whether you're a London Leftover, spending the prior days as a family-less lone ranger, or you are returning laiden with trinkets and tupperware, SUNDAY~FUNDAY will be your santuary and school.

We shall dance and sing. There shall be drinks and possibly nibbles. There will be ridiculous drag-artists on hand to encourage an air or surreal fantasy. There will be awkward but most certainly inspiring performances. There will be a great many tune to dance to and no doubt even a few games. An undiscribable amout of Fun for your Sun(day) and we all get the day off on Monday especially!

Be inspired to dress as your interpretation of LEFTOVERS. Prize for the best dressed, naturally.

£5 entry all night long.

Final thought: This is not a Christmas party. This is a FUN gathering and t