New York City’s TALL GAY AGENDA (TGA) hits London for one night only; an evening for towering gays and their admirers! Are you a man mountain? Do you want to climb one? Then hit Dalston’s favourite (nearly tall enough) dirty basement for a night in celebration of all things BIG.

NYC’s TGA originated as a place for tall men to hang out together (alleviating neck strain and the ever popular YOU’RE SO TALL comment). And it was a way for those seeking boys 6’3” or higher for fun (or a lifetime together) to meet up.

VogueFabricsDalston resident size queen Justin Hunt (6’6”) hosts Dan Beaumont (6’3”), Nic Fisher (6’3”) and Greg Lowe (6’4”) on the decks, with soaring special co-hosts Francis Rushby (6’7”) and Mark Whistler (6’5”).

Tall boys in cheap all night. Admirers pay for the pleasure.

£3 for 6’3” or taller £5 for their admirers