DONUTS returns to Vogue Fabrics Dalston with some summery tunes to keep you warm in the arctic cold this Friday. So we thought we’d ask DONUTS DJ Vivien a few questions about more tropical climes, his favourite pastries and being a session bassist for Petite Noir, a certain anonymous dance-pop duo, and occasionally for Pixie Geldof's band Violet. You’re originally from Australia. What made you move to London and do you miss home? Music made me move to London. Unfortunately with a country 33 times the size of the UK with only a third of the population, the music industry doesn't quite thrive in Australia. Don't get me wrong, lots of good acts are from Australia, but the scale is just too small. Also, geographically, touring internationally is an issue, And in the same way that Los Angeles is the centre of the film world, London is the centre of the music world. Sydney isn't.

I miss home on occasions, like when it snows, or when you realise that your monthly expendable income is less than your rent; but on the whole after being here for nearly 4 years, I love London for its spirit, tenacity, and diversity.

Tell us a bit about what you’re doing when you’re not filling Donuts at Vogue Fabrics. I'm a session bassist, composer, amateur producer/remixer, travelholic, and music collector. But really what I enjoy most is sharing music with people, particularly introducing them to an artist or a sound they may not have heard. That was the genesis of DONUTS, and what I hope Shazam will give me royalty cheques for in the near future.

What are your plans for 2013? Touring, touring, recording, touring, DONUTS, touring, and hopefully a bit of resting. Should be a big year for Petite Noir who is one of the acts I play for, and hopefully for DONUTS too. Lots to look forward to.

Why DONUTS? I’ve been told there’s a bit of Australian innuendo to the word donut. Can you explain further? There's no Australian subtext, apologies if that disappoints. The name actually comes from a seminal J Dilla album of the same name released in 2006. Dilla died three days after it was released and worked on most of it in his hospital bed while he was dying of blood disease using only one sampler. The album has 31 relatively short tracks on it, and I guess the concept behind it was that each track was a little tasty treat, like a Doughnut; and despite his despair and imminent death, his positive and original music managed to put a smile on millions of faces.

My DJ partner Matt and I like to recreate that concept by only playing high quality cuts, with an emphasis on summer, youth, love, naivety, nostalgia, adolescence, and most of all, beats. A mix of new, old, and the unknown; ethereal yet grounded, cosmic yet earthy, but always fun.

We do however stay away from your Britneys, Rhiannas, Madonnas, and Gagas… (but we kept Janet).

What’s your favourite doughnut flavour? Pink with sprinkles - that's the gay in me.

DONUTS is on this Friday at Vogue Fabrics from 10pm-3am.