It's back.. Neil Prince and David Robson invite you once again to take the ‘Locomotion’ to a destination of unapologetic pop pleasure.

Last November, our hosts had an idea. That idea was to play the best in 80’s and 90’s pop, under the influence of the much loved and missed iconic magazine, Smash Hits. It’s safe to say, it went rather well. So did the follow up of Issue No 2 back in March, silencing any critics in thei path. Which means Issue No 3 is on its way, this May! “WA HOO”

The Smash Hits Poll Winners Awards were ‘voted’ by yesterday’s youth who had to BUY (I know, BUY) the magazine and submit who they wanted to win across many different impossible genres, like Best Band (E17), Best Female (Louise), best live act (Backstreet Boys) and so on...

The results would be broadcast on a live show which was largely inaudible due to the massive screamfest of pubescent teenage girls (and boys).

If you missed it last time now’s your chance to come (“come into my arms”) and relive the magic that only 80’s and 90’s pop can bring. Join Neil and David on Saturday May 9th and don’t forget your dancing shoes!