Matthew Glamorre presents SCISMEVERY Thursday at VFD.

Check this out for a taster ! SCISM Referendum Night Show

“A nightclub should challenge current ideas and aesthetics, break new boundaries and create new modes: it should be a beacon to the brilliantly dispossessed.”

Known as one of British Nightlife’s most significant innovators, Matthew Glamorre’s clubs are more installation art than disco.

SCISM is Matthew’s new audio visual project: a band, a club and a show. This weekly residency @ VFD is the 'Club Experiment' where Glamorre explores "'new musical directions, people & possibilities, I am going back to go forward, my first club in 10 years. For me the nightclub is essential,exciting, the crucible of the zeitgeist. What is born on the tiny floors of London can later move the world"

SCISM is all about polarities "… as the world becomes more polarised so ideologies and identities become more extreme. I explore the fault lines between the black & the white, the yin and the yang, that’s the field of potential, where opposites collide.”

SCISM is video & sound manipulation fused with performance, technology, politics and ideology.

SCISM launched on the night of the EU referendum “heralding the great British division”

SCISM Night Club will feature The Rainbow Curtain, an interactive light installation by artist Terry Payman.

Bio Glamorre has been at the forefront of many British underground movements since 1987, his clubs like 2XS, Smashing, HARDERFASTERLOUDER, The Siren Suite & Kash Point were instrumental in the development of the music, art and fashion of the times. He is also an award winning short film and video director.

In 1991 Glamorre pulled the band Minty together around Leigh Bowery & Richard Torry and went on to front it after Leigh's death. He founded & directed The Offset, am amorphous live art collective; artists such as Ron Athey, Grayson Perry, David Hoyle & That Donald worked alongside musicians and technicians to create epic 5 hour shows. Most recently he completed a world tour of 'Albion Voice', a 10-year collaboration with the artist & singer Bishi. He co-wrote and produced the album, designed the artwork and directed the videos and live AV performance.

A multi-faceted artist for sure this ‘Dalston period’ promises an ever-evolving sketchpad of ideas, provocations, and confrontations; where technology and performance will be harnessed to question our divisions and play with what unites us.

SCISM Night Club will bring together an exciting range of multi-disciplinary artists and performers, no one night will be the same !

£5 // £3 g-list