On Wednesday 16th July Tina T’urner Tea Lady previews her first full length show which will show at Edinburgh Fringe in August. Before the big day we had a chat with Tina T’urner about tea, coffee and her perfect day out with the real Tina. How do you have your tea?

I make simply the best tea in town. I brew a bag of heaven for 4 mins, milk ready in the cup, then I pour it up.

No sugar. Maybe a biscuit if I’m in the mood.

How did Tina T’urner Tea Lady come about? My obsession with Tea and Tina Turner led to an obvious choice of character act. I then made parody versions of her songs and developed narrative into a full show.

What did you do before developing the Tina character? I sang and made music in various bands/ solo projects and I continue with some of them now.

You are previewing your first Tina full length show before its Edinburgh run at VogueFabricsDalston. What can the audience expect?

It’s an evening with Tina T'urner Tea Lady...she will open her heart to tell stories of her incredible life in a camp, alternative cabaret story.

Expect comedy, grotesque impersonation, crap wigs, shocking confessions, 80s hit songs including Goldenpie, shambolic performance, high energy dance, Up close and personal audience interaction and of course tea and biscuits!

© Alex Brenner

If the real Tina Turner called you tomorrow and asked you to take her out in London, where’d you take her? I’d take her to Terry’s Cafe for a cuppa and eggs on toast, then to Brick Lane to buy vintage denim like the jacket she wore in the What’s Love Got To Do With It video, then dinner at The Ritz (on her) and a night of dancing and drinking wearing our double denim, fishnets and stilettos at Vogue Fabrics! Then we would eat chips on the night bus home and become best friends forever.

What’s your opinion on coffee drinkers? Do you ever drink one? Coffee is hell to me. I only hope one day coffee drinkers will see the light and embrace tea for the healing refreshment of love that it is.

The free preview of Tina T’urner Tea Lady’s full length show is at Vogue Fabrics on Wednesday 16th July. Click here for more info.


Jason Read