Triple Threat, a trash-step dub-punk morality play for the modern age, stormed the Edinburgh Festival last year, smashed a sell-out month’s run at Soho Theatre in February, and is now heading to the Brighton Festival for one night only at the Marlborough, Brighton this Saturday 6 May. This hilarious, anarchic retelling of the new testament swipes at Christianity, celebrity, and morality via a full-throttle, sexy hot mess of comedy, cabaret, chaos and Nutella.

Lucy herself is a genuine triple threat. Her triumvirate of talents - singing, dancing and acting - are on full show throughout, alongside various body parts. It’s hard to find theatre with such fierce and fearless performances, with a soundtrack to match.

VFD cannot recommend this highly enough if you happen to be in the area.

Triple Threat 


Lucy McCormick 

Sat 6 May

Marlborough Theatre, Brighton