Extra Second London is a themed monthly poetry/discussion night where we take an extra second to reflect on the ideas touched on by our featured poets. We give you, the lovely audience, a chance to make your voices heard- because poetry shouldn't be a spectator sport. This month's theme is 'The Role of the Artist'. We'll be discussing what role art and artists play in our personal lives and in society as a whole, as well as how this has changed through history and how it may change in the future.

Once again we will have three brilliant featured performers as well as an open mic followed by the main event: a round-table audience discussion. The quality of the discussions at our last two nights has been incredible and I expect nothing less from this one.

Doors open at 7.30, entry is £5 and the open mic sign up is first come first served at the door.

This month's features:

JAH-MIR EARLY is an American poet, storyteller and improv spoken word artist. His style has been described as "impassioned, lyrical story telling, meandering just to the left of chaos. Drawing you into his feeling and his life while examining the world with no amor, speaking like a preacher or school teacher,all off the top of his head." Jah-Mir recently performed for the BBC at the Edinburgh Fringe,.featuring during the BBC Poetry slam and as a part of 'Other Voices'. He lives in London where he works with SEN students and produces/hosts two monthly poetry nights, "Spoken" and "A slam called Spout" with his team 'Spoken in London'.

MADDIE GODFREY is an Australian-bred writer currently living in London. Above all, her work aims to facilitate a compassionate conversation about social issues. Over the past year she has performed at the Sydney Opera House, co-written a poetry stage show, been internationally published, organised a fortnightly spoken word event, hosted creative writing workshops and featured at multiple festivals. She has also won poetry slams in Australia, Oxford, Cambridge and all over London.

THE REPEAT BEAT POET (Peter deGraft-Johnson) is a spoken word artist, student of Hip Hop, meticulous rhymer and an unashamed tea enthusiast. Drawing from his two main influences, Hip Hop and beat poetry, he crafts pieces dealing with the malleability of truth and meaning, blackness and racial identity, politics, and his own life experiences, all with passionate, precise, and powerful delivery. Through his poetry, Peter has performed across the country, won slams in London and at UK festivals, featured at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and also writes with the TypeFace Poetry Collective, and the Little Versed Poetry Collective. Peter is also a co-creator of The PAD, a creative arts hub in Dagenham, East London, where he hosts the monthly night Poetry At The PAD.

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