We're back! And this time it's (slightly more) personal. Extra Second London is a monthly poetry/debates night where we take an extra second to reflect on the ideas touched on by our featured poets. We give you, the lovely audience, a chance to make your voices heard - because poetry shouldn't be a spectator sport.

This month's theme will be Education. We'll be discussing our experiences with the education system, what we think is wrong with the current system and, most importantly, what a better system would look like.

We have three incredible featured perfomers this month, as well as an open mic! And once all that's out of the way we will open the floor for the main event - a round table audience discussion. We had some brilliant thought-provoking discussions at the last event and this one promises to be no different!

Doors open at 7.30, entry is £5 and the open mic sign up is first come first served at the door.

This month's features:

POETCURIOUS is a HipHop poet from north west London spitting political provocations for youths of all ages.

HANNAH GORDON is a Spoken Word Poet from North West London. She has featured at events across London and won the Boomtown festival slam 2014. Her poetry is honest and deeply rooted in her experiance. She is a primary school teacher and is looking forward to sharing some of her pieces around the theme of education.

THOMAS ‘GHETTOGEEK’ OWOO is a psychology and sociology teacher who, for last 13 years, has been using rap, spoken word and poetry to engage disaffected young people in north west London. He has been a manager of an alternative education seclusion unit and was an SEBD Advisory Teacher for Brent Council where he has trained schools, staff and pupils in finding ways to reduce exclusions from school. He is soon to take on the role of rap therapist and spoken word teacher in a primary school in London and is launching his poetry organisation called Ghettogeek Academy in September 2016. He is also the founder of the new creative arts YouTube channel called GhettogeekTV. http://tinyurl.com/Subscribe-To-GhettogeekTV . Ghettogeek only started performing within the London poetry circuit over the last year after his A-level sociology class (The #Sociology7) asked him to perform his teaching resource called “Sociology in Rap” out in the community. Since listening to them it has led to him also featuring at events at the Clapham Grand, Lyric Theatre, Nozstock Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe BBC Poetry Slam.

These three have all spent their fair share of time in and around the education system and are just as excited to share their views as we am to hear them! BE THERE!