LA-based artist Tyler Matthew Oyer presents the UK debut of his original operetta ‘Shimmy Shake Earthquake’ at VogueFabricsDalston on Monday 4th August. He is supported by London-based talent MJ Woodbridge and Les K-Tines. Performing alongside sculptures, images, and installation Oyer sets an original libretto amongst twisted tropes of Americana; a glittered mid-century modern living room, allegorical tales of faulty nationalism, and an abstracted discotheque of possibility. Leading his audience through a series of acts, Oyer adopts the caricatured roles of hypnotist, lecturer, and nightclub performer. By manipulating forms of popular entertainment, Oyer allegorically presents a diverse audience with the complexities of material and immaterial value and their relation to the socio-political landscape.

Les K-Tines, a French-Cockney electronisch duo of storytellers, sing songs about good girls, dodgy parties, train drivers, fake nails, fake bollocks and found weekends.

MJ Woodbridge is a raw rarity. This 26yr old singer/songwriter combines lyrically intense, dynamically impressive, risk taking melodramatic pop songs that are deep, powerful & mysteriously beautiful. “Through his powerful & fragile human space he creates on stage” he fuses individualism & diversity through music, “surely reminding an audiences what it’s like to be human.”