1989. A year in music so incredible… we decided that it needed it's own club night! It was the year when dance music properly grabbed the music charts and give it a good firm shakedown. When genres started splicing together to give us hip-house and madchester. When the underground went overground.

Neil Prince and David Oh will be taking a trip back to the dance sounds of 1989, playing the greatest hits of house that are inspiring a whole batch of current electronic artists, from Hercules and Love Affair to Russ Chimes to Duke Dumount to Annie to Azari and III and beyond. From those which still get plenty of love on dancefloors, to those which time has unfairly forgotten. Amongst the dance gems they'll throw in some of the quality pop songs that were also dominating the charts, and those remixes which started taking on a life and creativity all of their own.

From Black Box to Bobby Brown, Lil' Louis to Lisa Stansfield, Mr Lee to Madonna, Frankie Knuckles to Fuzzbox, De La Soul to Depeche Mode… We're gonna ensure that the jam is PUMPED.

And we promise…. NO JIVE BUNNY!