*ANYONE BORN IN 1993 GETS IN FOR FREE BEFORE MIDNIGHT AND FOR CHEAP AFTER. BRING ID!* Following our trips back in time from 1989-1986, and then magically forward in time to 1990-1992, we continue moving forward to 1993.

The year when Eurodance really stormed the charts (for good and bad), and when house got deeper and rave got weirder, and experimental electronica started to crossover. Also..... BJORK.

Neil Prince and David Oh will be taking a trip back to the dance sounds of 1993, playing the tracks that are inspiring a whole batch of current electronic artists, from Hercules and Love Affair to Disclosure to Duke Dumount and beyond. From those which still get plenty of love on dancefloors, to those which time has unfairly forgotten. We'll be throwing in house, techno, eurodance and rave classics, but also not forgetting those tracks that time has unfairly forgotten. There'll also be a few of the pop and R&B and hip hop gems from the year.

From Snap to Snow, Janet to Jade, 2 Unlimited to East 17, Masters at Work to Madonna to MK to Michael Jackson, David Morales to Dina Carroll.

And we promise.... no Mr Blobby!

*£3 before 11pm and £5 after*