Remember when Business was booming? Before the Stock Market crash? Women were WERKin' it in a Man's world, strutting to the top with their stilettos, and power suits with even more POWER in their SHOULDER PADS!

(While the Male Ad-execs, CEO, and Traders were doing coke off of a strippers tits... the Women were vehemently powering their way to the TOP in the epic struggle for equality... which unfortunately still exists today!)

Celebrating all that is the female form, the femme fatale and all the women of the night...AND of course the 80s BIZZNEZZ EXTRAVAGANZA!

With an evening of:

Life Drawing Painting Performance Art And 80's Video icons on loop!!

Hosted by Alun & Gia

With pumping tunes from MC/ DJ THIRSTY KIRSTY!

8pm - 12


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