VFD Window Project is a community run exhibition space bringing innovative and thought provoking work from Artists who need a platform to show their work. We need to know how your content relates and engages with both the public and VFD.

Please be aware in your proposal that the content is suitable for being across from a school.

If you are interested in applying, please send a proposal of your work with visuals and how you would use the window space to present.


If the piece sounds good, we will get you in for a meeting.

This is a free collective, and we do not pay artists for their work or materials.

The work will be up for a month, you must facilaitate the set up and take down.

The first Thursday of the month, the artist that month will have the club downstairs for a PV of the piece.

Dimensions of space and details

Black back drop/cloth

Glass window

Tiled floor

Wood walls

Suspended ceiling (cannot be used)


Glass front window

2.5m length/3.4 width

Depth (floor to back drop)


Walls (side)

2.5 length/1.27m width

Back drop

2.24m length/3.27m width