Hello, hello, welcome to the wonderful world of WINDOWLICKER. This is where you get off yer arse and come down for a sweaty basement dance party at the infamous Vogue Fabrics. Keeping you hydrated will be Italian DJ Dormaus, who, since his birth has been fed with more dance music than spaghetti. His sets are a bloody sauce of house, disco, funk, chicago, acid and techno. We also welcome to our inaugural night London's very own Severino who needs no introduction to those in the know (and those not).

WINDOWLICKER founder, DJ and photographer Fannar Gudmundsson aims to turn the whole shindig into a living, seething art project with an emphasis on werking up a night that's more fun than licking condensation of a car windscreen.

£3 on the door b 4 11:30pm £5 after.