After the FUNnest of summers sharing our joy at amazing events all over the shop, your friendly neighbourhood band of queer-minded merriment makers are turning to the dark side...!

Clocks turning back, the days shortening and the cold nights taking hold; now is the chance to connect with this dark power by playing in its spooky poison!

However you celebrate Halloween/Samhain/All Saints Eve/Dziady/Martinisingen/Wallpugis Night or any other harvest/winter festival, Sunday~Funday are back in the basement of dreams (nightmares) VFD, to make a fun space for us all to let the spooky feelings out, and have a horrific time!

>Spooky Donuts
>Zombie Drag Queens
>Blood-curdling Beverages
>Gruesome Games
>Deadly DJs bringing us all back to life with a soundtrack that’ll make you SCREAM!

Costume theme: left over Halloween costumes, after party zombies, first time in drag, commuters from hell etc...

Remember folks: the clocks are going back so there’s extra time in bed. And also the moment Halloween is over, the onslaught of a more gruesome nightmare begins: Christmas! So let’s delay it as ling as possible by keeping the spooky vibes going!