This Halloween descend into VFD for a night of real magic, ancient customs and powerful connections for all queers. Channelling the ancient energies of Samhain, we welcome the darker half of the year together. 

TAM VIBERT - Kalan Gwav: Hus Lagas Pystri

Nos Kalan Gwav is the Cornish version of Samhain, celebrating the beginning of the dark half of the year. On this eve we can access our ancestors and obtain love guidance from other worlds through ritual. We will open the Queer Third Eye to evoke the fairies from our past. Hus Lagas Pystri is Cornish for Witch Eye Magic. Venus Retrograde starts in Scorpio on Oct 5th, so by Kalan Gwav we will have journeyed through some of the darkest shadows of our hearts. It is time to channel these feelings into creative expression. Using the queer third eye we will access our ancestors for healing. Please bring a piece of nature.


If you would like to share a ritual, a spell, a cleanse, or some wisdom we would love to include you- email

Queer Magic for Magic Queers is a space of harmony, vulnerability and empowerment. All who identify in the queer/LGBTIA+ spectrum are welcome- whether or not you know that all queers are magic yet.

Doors 8pm // Free