VFD has always been a pulsing hotbed of creativity, and we're super delighted that this month some of our dear friends' work is playing in various venues across the capital. Check out the links below: Fancy Chance, Flights of Fancy at Soho Theatre

Fancy Chance invites you aboard her debut solo show: a globe-trotting, time-travelling mini-spectacle – with turbulent polemics and unexpectedly poignant stop-offs – taking you from her humble origins as Korean refugee to darling of the London cabaret scene. In-flight entertainment will include offbeat comedy, original song, and outrageous film. Directed by Nathan Evans. (21 and 22 June only).

Pat Cash, $UPER£!CIAL at The Glory

“A riotous carnival through the pop music, masculinity and drag of the London gay scene” $UPER£ICIAL is the latest play by Pat Cash (The Clinic, Queers, Chemsex Monologues, and Spoken Word London at VFD!) and follows muscly bar man Sam, Kylie fanatic JJ, alternative drag queen ‘Ibiza Chilltape’ and bar owner Benjamin as their lives entwine on Pride night. (20 June - 1 July).

Kava Girls: A Play with Songs at The Bedford

Sinalei a young Fa’afafine (A cis -gender Samoan male who lives as a female) has just landed her first job in a West End show. She shares the understudying twilight with the gutsy Salma and the unflappable Debra. Three performers, three lives, one role. Funny, candid and with an original score that will speak directly to your heart, Kava Girls is the play you need to see. With Ninotchka Tingleff, Melissa Veszi & Sani Muliaumaseali'i as Sinale *PICK OF THE FRINGE* Edinburgh 2014. (22 and 23 June only).

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