This Saturday from 2pm onwards VFD is taking over the airways at NTS radio to present our unique PRIDE message. We will be looking at the links between the Punk and Queer movements, and how they share the core values of DIY. Both celebrate equality of gender, race and sexuality as well as being anti-capitalist.

We've lined up a selection of guests who are super-passionate about the topics they will be speaking about including the empowerment of young women, proportional representation of race in the media, the importance of creating DIY spaces, the creation of self through fashion and of course anarchy in the UK!

These lively discussions will be interspersed with live bands and performances and, of course, a musical selection of Punk and Queer anthems.

Featured guests include:

David Hoyle CHRISTEENE Wild Daughter Reba Maybury Ione Gamble Max Allen DIY Thursdays Bentfest 100% Beefcock and the Titburster

and more to be confirmed.
VFD does NTS Saturday from 2pm! Tune in live or watch out for the podcast with tweets and Instagram updates containing information to follow up on all the guests.
If you have any music requests or questions then send them over to us at club@vfdalston.com
This is out love letter to London. We are the magic.