This Thursday sees a whole host of gorgeous gal pals roll into VogueFabricsDalston to hang out with their gay best friends for new night Fag Hag. It’s all about that girl you just can’t be without when talking about boys and stuff. So we put a few questions to promoters Peewee and Paul. Apart from hanging out with their girls their especially looking forward to sip on a few Joan Collins’ during Happy Hour from 8pm-10pm. Tell us why you decided to put on a night for gays and their best gal pals?

Without sounding too ‘young enterprise’ about it… we found it hard to find a night where gays and girls have a dancefloor to share. Some gays don’t have that many friends who are boys and sometimes surround themselves in a cloud of clunge… so this is a night that allows them to come with their hag and dance off those cobwebs!

What qualities make a girl a good companion for the discerning homosexual?

Sense of humour is probably the most important quality. Gays love a good time and a girl who is up for a laugh is an ideal GBF for life. Apart from that ability to shop, drink and talk about boys are pluses.

And who is your fag hag? Tell us a bit more about her. Any stories you want to share?

Peewee – As FAG HAG we have a LOT of hags to choose from. My particular favourite is Tara – she’s obsessive about Baked Beans & chintzy shoes. She also has a very quick brain that ticks – she will usually blurt some fabulously waspish comment before I manage to even think of it. We need each other, I will always be there to tuck in her Primark label away from prying eyes during Fashion Week, and she can apply a little bit of Laura Mercier under my eyes when I’m looking a little bit grey.

Paul – Mine would have to be my friend Charlotte. We think along exactly the same lines and have the same sense of humour. We met whilst struggling through our boring degrees at Uni and I would spend hours distracting her from her dissertation. One of my favourite stories is one particularly hungover afternoon in Dalston which involved a plastic bag, an alleyway and then a Macdonalds toilet…that’s all I am saying…

If you had to pick one fag hag icon, who would you want to come down to the Vogue Fabrics basement and sip on a cocktail with you, and why?

Carol McGiffen from Loose Women. She once signed my nipple with a biro at a do in Soho. I brought it up with her about 3 years later when I came across her slightly sloshed on red wine in a pub in Camden – she had minimal memory of it. OBSESSED! Carol – see this article as your invitation! WE LOVE YOU!

And what’s in store for future Fag Hags?

Broken heels and unexpected belters for one! We also are looking to extend our range of cocktails… we are currently working on a signature cocktail for August 2nd called ‘Birds of a Feather’ which is inspired by Dorian from next door. I am working on Lesley Joseph to come and cut the ribbon on it.

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