We’re opening the doors at VogueFabricsDalston this Thursday evening for our very first literary event, Feelings. To give you a little idea of what to expect we’ve had a chat with Sophie Robinson about what you can expect on the night. What is the idea behind Feelings?

I wanted to bring more poetry to East London.  It’s what I do most of the time, and there’s some great stuff happening.  A lot of experimental writing really resonates with what’s going on in the performance art and music scenes, which have a lot more presence in this area at the moment.  I also wanted to give a platform to emerging poets and filmmakers: a place to do a short reading/screening, showcase new work to a friendlyish crowd and get feedback.  Finally(!) I wanted do these things in a fun, relaxed, queer-friendly space, which is why I’m so excited to be launching the event at Vogue.

Can you tell us a bit more about the performers on the night?

Frances Kruk, Samuel Solomon, Luke Roberts and Linus Slug are a diverse bunch of poets.  I’d say that all of their work could be said to engage with the body in quite visceral ways.  All the poets that are performing are pretty energetic, passionate and political writers, too.

DJ Dr. Kemp will be in charge of the downbeat disco after.  Expect to be glued to the dance floor and expect to be in tears. Above all, expect him to play The Smiths.

You’re also showing a couple of films. What are they about?

Abigail Child and Andrew Kerton are both experimental filmmakers, and both work with collage and archive footage to some extent.  They’ll both be screening recent, short films, and both engage with issues around gender and sexuality quite directly.

What’s your favourite poet and what’s the latest book you read that you can really recommend?

My favourite poet is Frank O’Hara, an amazing queer New York School poet, who wrote in the 1950s and 60s.  His poem ‘Having a Coke With You’ is, I think, the most beautiful love poem ever written.

The latest excellent books I’ve read are both by young British poets.  Luke Roberts’ False Flags (from which he’ll be reading on Thursday) and Francesca Lisette’s Teens have both recently been published by Mountain Press, and are electrifying reads, as well as beautiful objects.

Feelings starts at 7pm on Thursday 14th June and it’s £3 at the door. Bargain!