Blasting a cleansing breath of fresh-yet-funk-laden air through the debaucheries of the weekend will be VFD's new Monday night happening, Wig Out. Marcia Vidal, mistress of ceremonies for the evening, let's us in on the secrets of her new weekly residency:


Q: Hi Marcia, you’re launching a new Monday night happening at VFD called Wig Out. Can you tell us: what is it? and: do we need to bring wigs…?

A: Wig Out is a place to dance all of your cares away. A cross between a booze-free club night and a choreography-free dance class. Wigs are not required but however you choose to express yourself is welcome at Wig Out.

Q: There seems to be a recent rise in people seeking alternative release and avoiding traditional hedonism. Does this factor into the ethos of your event?

A: Totally. Dancing is a transcendental experience and, while I love a bit of traditional hedonism, there's something special about letting yourself go mental on a dancefloor without the help of alcohol and other animals. It's a very powerful way to get in touch with a primal part of yourself. And, as a woman, it's great to know that you can go out for an uninhibited boogie on your own without having to fight off all the sex pests!

Q: What do people need to know about attending?

A: This isn't a club night so there will be no bar. Just wear comfortable clothes, bring a bottle of water and leave your ego and inhibitions at home.

Q: Why is Monday the new Friday?

A: If you start your Monday with a bang, you'll spend the rest of the week as happy as you are on the weekends.


Wig Out: launches Monday 17 Oct, click here for FB info.