DO YOUR SH!T   Matthew Glamorre is one of UK Nightlife’s most persistent innovators, he has explored every form of club imaginable – from classical chamber music to industrial noise experiments. Now he uses the remaining weeks of his VFD residency to dissect every aspect of the club idea – the DJs, the dancing the socialising and shows.

**What is a club? **What meaning / relevance does the form hold for the present? **What - if any - challenges does it pose / boundaries does it push?

To this end, he is opening the sound system, the projectors, the stage, the mics – the entire space – to anyone to do anything they want in a search of finding new meaning in an old form.

Anyone and everyone is offered a 15min slot to do, say, project or play anything they want!

(Most tech needs supported ☺)

Is It A Space? A Workshop? A Rehearsal? A Free for All?

Bring your ANGER - bring your MOST mental music (any genre) Bring your WRINTING - bring your show - bring your movement Bring your IDEAS - bring you psychosis

No appointment needed – just show up and play - we have UNSAFE space to explore !