Baffled with Halloween options?  In the chilling catacombs of VFD you'll find: Friday 28:  I DO Disco presents 'The Curse of the Bridezilla'

Calling all bridezillas, corpse brides, brides of Dracula, bunny boiler bridesmaids, demonic divorcees, and hammer horror hunnies... London's best worst wedding disco has risen from the dead to scare the confetti out of you and yours. Sling on something spine-chilling (and/or bridal) and let Dalston's dankest dance dungeon be your playground for the night


Saturday 29: Straight Nasty - Halloween Bash

Basic witches beware – Straight Nasty’s Halloween Bash is back and ready to R.I.P you a new one. Serving you ghoulish gays and girlz the spookiest POP eleganza to really put the willies up ya. Call your friends up on the ouija (Grindr), and we’ll see you there. ✞✞✞


Sunday 30: Sunday Funday - Spooky Vibes

This one is for all you hard core fright~fans and AAAARRGGHHHH-addicts! SUNDAY~FUNDAY are bringing you an authentic haunted-horror-house experience as we turn VFD into a spooky-dungeon, complete with horrific surprises that'll make you scream!!