Big Girls are back! After their amazing rock 'n' roll 'n' drag 'n' disco extravaganza on a sweaty July night here at VFD, we cornered Liam from the band, to get the low down on the next instalment of Big Girls Disco: Q: Give us a potted history of Big Girls, how the band was formed, and how you arrived at the name A: Big Girls are Clement, Yuko, Jon, Juniper, Adelina, Sasa and myself, Liam. We started about 3 years ago with Clem and myself writing songs in his kitchen and picked up the others in various Hackney dives since. We've got a few fixed members, a few floating members and almost exclusively blasé members. As for the name, Clem and myself were previously in a much louder, much faster band with some rougher boys who used to laugh at the big girly songs we brought in, so Big Girls seemed like a more logical, safer option. And we're all about safety and logic.

Q: How would you describe your sound for the uninitiated? Who are you biggest influences - both musical and otherwise? A: Our original inspiration for Big Girls were people like the Everly Brothers, Simon and Garfunkel, Buddy Holly, Ray and Dave Davies. We just wanted to write short simple pop songs with nice melodies and simple subjects and stuff. Of course once you add a whole bunch of people to a band and synthesisers and congas start popping up things can change. What we usually hear people compare us to are bands like Talking Heads, Roxy Music and the Modern Lovers, which is very nice to hear but not true at all of course.

Q: Your last gig at VFD you had special guests Kevin and the Matriarch warm up for you. Is anyone sharing the bill with you this time round? A: We couldn't find anyone to possibly top Kevin and the Matriarch, it was like the Pistols at Manchester student union or something, and we demand the attention so, no! But we will have some top London DJs playing all sorts of disco bangers all nite long.

Q: Will you be dragging up again? Are attendees encouraged to do the same? A: We will indeed, and it not being the middle of summer we'll be able to dig deep into our man-made fibre box for this one. We do like a man-made fibre. Attendees can wear and do whatever they like, as long as they remain free and loose!

Q: One of your tracks is called ‘Why Am I So Easily Pleased?’. What does it take to please you, on a very base level? A: We honestly don't need much, apart from Clement because he's from Paris. We would like if London stopped being so not fun though, and that's why we throw our parties at one of the only remaining fun houses in town! And free drinks are good.