6 Self Body Prints [6’ x 4’ acrylic]*

With a background in Fine Art and a degree in Special Effects Make-up, multi-disciplinary artist Holly Silius’ work effortlessly spans the worlds of fashion, music, theatre, film and TV.

‘I was invited by the Tate Collective to collaborate on an event with Tate Britain called ‘Late at Tate’ which encourages a younger, wider audience to go to the gallery, via collaborative workshops incorporating live performances from artists and musicians.

‘Late at Tate’ is part of Circuitprogramme, led by Tate and funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Circuitprogramme is a national programme that engages young people in the arts with a focus on encouraging those with least access to galleries and museums.

The event where these works were originally created used iconic sculpture, Rang Baranga, by British Pakistani artist, Rasheed Araeen, for inspiration. During the event, I gave live body painting demonstrations, and my self body print canvases were also projected around the inside of the Tate.

The canvasses were inspired by Yves Klein body prints - their colours inspired by Rang Baranga.

The geometric body painting images were created in collaboration with model Lily Newmark and photographer Simon Emmett.’