VFD’s got an exciting new monthly residency, London Tribe. It’s a place where musicians, speakers, poets, rappers, singers, dancers - really anyone with a love of performance - to come together in creativity, and celebrate the unique blend of peeps to be found in the best city in the world <3 London Tribe kicks off on Wednesday March 8th, we caught up with Kevin Mark Trail to quiz him about what we can expect…

Q: Kevin, you've been - and are currently involved - in many exciting musical ventures, can you please start by introducing yourself?

A: Me? Lol. I'm a singer songwriter, producer, picture taker, video, teaching, event type person. Most people would know me, or would have heard my voice through Mike Skinners "The Streets" and my first album was released on EMI Records called Just Living. I've worked with a bunch of different people in an array of different styles. Although I have a soulful voice, the best way I'd describe my music is 'a London sound' a mixture of all the different influences we have in our city. Urban I guess. My music reflects my environment and life. I'm a bit of a hippy at heart, peace and love and all that lol. We are all in the same boat, Mother Earth.

I've spent most of the last three years living in Australia and now my other home New Zealand, which musically and life-wise has been an amazing adventure. The land, the people, tribes people. I've heard so many stories, lived them. My new music is defo a reflection of a new mind set that I would not have gained with out this chapter. Currently I'm about to perform two nights at Jazz Cafe with the female accapella group Black Voices, whose range goes from Classical to Reggae and they tour the  world independently. I'm also going to be touring with Doc Brown, writer, comedian, rapper, and releasing my new EP and video, and this is all happen in March (arghhhh) in a good way.

Q: London Tribe - discuss! What does it mean? What does it do? Where did the idea come from?

London tribe? Meeting people from different tribes in Australia and New Zealand, made me question, who am I!!! I'm from Caribbean background, though London is home, there are times it has felt like its not. I'm a talker, I love people, and some times in London it feels like I can't reach out. So many boxes, black, white, gay, straight etc, etc, etc (fu&k em). Every where I've been I've meet good and bad people, and while traveling I found what a massive influence London has on the world. Cultural, musically, fashion and art. The people I move around with from London, see beyond race, class, colour, religion, sex and we have found a common ground, respect and acceptance, in essence "A Tribe"

Where do you go in London if you're not cool? Or trying to be cool? Where can you go and just have a chat? Feel safe and welcome? Please let me know if you know any places that carry that energy, because I don't know any. That's what I'm trying to create. A space where we can share, and be ourselves.

How I came across VFD was a beautiful accident, my friend was doing a poetry night , I was on my way home and she she told me to come down so I did. I walked in heard the poetry, which felt like people just sharing their stories, which is exactly what I do. I fell in love lol

I met the team, and it all unfolded so naturally, refreshing, real people, yes! And so the night is born!

Q: Your launch night has 6 featured artists, including yourself, can you give us an idea of the style and range of performances? A: All the artists on the night I know personally, and have worked with some capacity, and we even have Kiwi (New Zealander) Amber Maya. The music will range from acoustic to Hip Hop, Electronica, poetry, Soul etc. A real mixed bag. People really telling their stories. The main thing I really want to create is a feel of sharing, where we can try out new stuff, and connect with the people who are listen, no egos! As I said before I'm a hippy at heart!

Q: If people want to perform at one of your nights, how would they go about it? A: People can get in touch via Facebook "Kevin Mark Trail"

Q: Finally, if you could create a mini tribe of 5 individuals - dead or alive - who would you pick and why? A: That's too hard. How about this! lol: Prince, Bowie, John Lennon, Grace Jones , Nelson Mandela, Bob Marley, Rick James, Marilyn Monroe, Dilla, Dracula, (who drinks, veg juice instead of blood). And I would meld them all into one person, and take over the world!