BA Fashion design student Bryony Wedge from Middlesex aspires to be a designer and artist, and sometime photographer. A music lover and conceptual design, she is based in North London and is always looking for new commissions/collaborations to work on.

Check out her piece on VFD in the first edition out now.

You can find her over at instagram at

For any enquiries about the zine or her work please email

Artsy Reedy is all about New Romantics in the modern day, gender identity and how social aspects are changing amongst the scene.

It's an anagram of Starry-Eyed which holds significance for Bryony as it's all about naive expectations and ideas.

All the artwork featured is done by Bryony, unless specified.

The fanzine is available if anyone wants to order through the email.VFD 1 copy VFD 2 VFD 3