"MAY~DAY MAY~DAY! There's just not enough FUN in the world, what are we going to do?" Calling all FUN enablers! Your bank holiday weekend needs you! It's a FUNmergency!!!

Back again for another mind altering visit to the underbelly of the weekend SUNDAY~FUNDAY is your go-to Sunday night queer performance night and dress-up dance party at Vogue Fabrics Dalston. For those in search of a final moment to saver the weekend SUNDAY~FUNDAY brings the big toys out for one final play with contageously danceable music, an infamous late-night drag show, ice-breaker/hang-over games, snazzy drinks, ambitious party and costume themes and always a double dose of fun!

This time round we're getting back into our pagan roots and remembering how to party like 18th centurary Plough Boys with a MAY DAY MAY-POLE MORRIS-DANCING EMERGENCY!!! Yes, that's right, it's May Day! The first official day of Summer, and to celebrate we're coming at you with a confusing mix of ye olde folklore, nostalgic pop/dance/mashup disco tunes, oversized transvestite morris dancing background dancers, apt drinks specials and all the shenanigins one can expect from a naughty bank-holiday dance-party. Feel encouraged to dress-up, drag-up, or just turn up.

!!!WARNING!!! Spontaneous nudity is a common side-effect of SUNDAY ~ FUNDAY!

Event Page here 9:00PM-LATE, £5 on the door Message Maxi More for guestlist