May New VFD Window Project up now by Noki. Noki is a textile collage artist known as the Pioneer for the term "Mash Up".

Noki is best known for creating body collages from the branded product in a fashion context. Unwittingly evolving the "sports luxe" movement. He has recently used flat canvas to portray his "culture jam" message and to go back to his original art roots.

Noki's work has been featured in the original Dazed and Confused Gallery, This Way Up Gallery-Old Dragon Bar, The V & A Museum-Friday Lates, Moma (New York-Superhero Exhibition), Talks during Vienna Art Week, Original Modern Art Gallery (Redchurch Street), he also teaches Sustainable Design Philosophy at Universities Worldwide.

Noki will be giving a talk at VFD on Tuesday 24th May at 7pm, explaining the Noki Evolution through Collage.

Check out our website for details.



Hello Window Shopper!

What you are looking at is 20 collages, to celebrate 20 years of Noki Pioneering "The Modern Mash Up Philosophy" having started in an empty Shoreditch warehouse landscape in 1996.

All work is for sale, check out details below.