Back again for another mind altering visit to the underbelly of the weekend SUNDAY~FUNDAY is your go-to Sunday night queer performance and dress-up dance party at Vogue Fabrics Dalston. For those in search of a final moment to saver the weekend SUNDAY~FUNDAY brings the big toys out for one final play with contagiously danceable music, an infamous late-night drag show, ice-breaker/hang-over games, snazzy drinks, ambitious party and costume themes and always a double dose of fun!9:00PM-LATE, £5 on the door Message Maxi More for groups, birthdays and concessions

Champagne, Caviar, Over Sized Designer Sunglasses, Laboutin’s, High Society, All Day Drinking, Tiny Dog-Rats, Scandal, Outrage, Hair-extension pulling Fights, Dumb Rich Folk, Private Jets, More Dumb Rich People, More All Day Drinking!!! … Lip Filler! All this can mean only one thing:


After the bust-ups and boozy-bickering that left bad blood in the air all season, we’re bringing back the stars of the show for an ultimate season finale showdown. Will Bourgeoisie finally reveal her long-standing affair with high-profile mystery politician? Will Tete Bang’s secret glue-sniffing habit leak out? Will Countess Maxi More finally reveal that her wealthy, extravagant lifestyle is a mere facade, and that her estate is in foreclosure? And what will happen when Kevin, who disappeared three seasons ago to join the circus, returns? In a highly over-produced, alcohol-fuelled grudge-match, we bring together some of your favourite Reality TV personalities under one roof in the name of FUN! Expect to be dazzled by the glamour, enthralled by their refined taste and moved by their humble, sensitive and genuine personalities.

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