Shakespeare, kale smoothies, colonialism, Kylie Jenner and sunburns - It’s high time we celebrate Europe, the fatherland, and its cultural riches that have been stomped onto every single corner of this world. Keep the hot sauce in the bag and pull out the Hellmann’s. This is the opportunity to embrace your inner Susan who wants to speak to customer service or Harry, the guy in the pink polo shirt who’s interning at his dad’s hedge fund over the summer.

This line up will keep you dancing off beat all night

SHY-ONE (Radar Radio, Balamii & Touching Bass) TAYYLOR MADE (In Good Company NYC & Vibrate) GIN (Goldsnap & Resis'dance) TRYB (Holla & Dirrty) A WHITEBOY (The Avenue) DYSECT (The Avenue)

Appropriate artwork displayed by


Come as the Iron Lady or the Tangerine Tyrant. Get that Norwegian virgin sew in, and strap those lederhosen onto your sexy butts. Be creative, but don’t bother to do any actual research on your costumes. White people wanting to attend this event are highly encouraged to dress as unicorns or other rando mythological creatures.

This is just our way to express admiration for caucasian culture, i.e. free speech, i.e. we don’t see colour, i.e. we’re all one, spread the love. Makes sense, no? And before y’all get offended, relax guys! I've asked my white friend if this is racist and he said it's ok.

Let's sprinkle some privilege on this bih.

Entry 5£ in costume 5£ before 11pm 7£ after 11 pm

All profits of the event will be donated to starving children in Finland.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER!

This is real, and this is happening for real.

The Caucacity is prompted by the so often blurred lines between cultural appreciation and appropriation, and draws its main inspiration from MorningGloryville's recent 'Africa' themed event: The aim is to create a social commentary and provoke a dialogue, by holding up a mirror to the issue.

We won't be actually donating any money to all those poor kids in Finland, rather, it will be given to SMUG (