Holy Christ, it's Easter! We've got one of those rare and miraculous bank holiday Monday-thingy situations and we are blessed by the fact that, once again, the Easter Bunny has visited, Christ is resurrected and SUNDAY~FUNDAY are back to make a beautiful mess again from the basement of dreams ✨@VFD@✨ We'll have more Easter bunnies than an OCD magician can stuff away ???

We'll have the ultimate playlist from our funniest music~makers to keep the fun factor ???

We'll be bringing you another colossal, now infamous LATE ? NIGHT ? DRAG ? SHOW ? jammed with glittering queer artistry and temporal storytelling unlike no other! ???✨?

We'll have extra special limited edition hanging hot cross buns! ??*?

As ever, ? @8:00 & ? @10:00

Entry £5, or PWYC (this includes paying more if you want ?)

So let's get HOT, let's get CROSS (or at least cross with the patriarchy) and let's have the most FUN!!!!

* ? is standing in as there is currently no emoji for hot crossed buns...

** this edition of SUNDAY~FUNDAY falls on Maxi More's 30th birthday weekend and as such you are therefore a) obliged to come and wish her many happy returns, and b) accept that at this stage on her birthday weekend, she could well be in a rather sorry state ?